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All US & Canada Federal/National
SILVER_TRIANGLE= Corps of Engineers (COE) &  (TVA)
RED_SQUARE= All State Parks & Provincial Parks  
RED_CROSS= State Forest (SF), Fish and Wildlife (SFW)
ORANGE_GOOGLEMINI= Military only (MIL) -  contact them for info
GREEN_CIRCLE= County/City/Regional (CP); Native Amer. Res. (RES); Utility owned (UTIL); and unknown type
WHITE_TRIANGLE=Any white symbol: tents $12 or less
= LABEL - If the 4 letter name is preceeded by a it has a dump, if - it does not. If the 4 letter name is followed by a , it has RV hookups (at least electric), if - it has none. If either is missing, it means we dont know, use one of the links to get this information.

TERMS "12mi SE of Woodland": The miles are a rough approximation of road miles. In mountains/canyons or near water it could be much farther.

"DOW INFO": For NF's over 10 sites, a link to comprehensive campground info at by Fred & Suzi Dow.

PHONE NUMBERS : We usually provide two numbers: 1) for the campground itself 2) for reservations.  For NF, we often list 2 campground numbers: District office (try this one first)/Forest office (try second) - these are offices, not at the campground, so call before 4:30 PM.

EL: elevation in feet (shown only if greater than 1500 ft)

COMMENTS: IMPORTANT info (like "closed in 2013" or "no RVs") or observations sent to us by visitors.

"WALK TO" "WALK IN": This note means you have to walk a short distance to camp sites, NOT backpacking.

If there is no mention of an amenity, it does NOT mean it is not there, it means we don't have data about it (yet). Use the link to get full information.

NH=no hookups
E, WE, WES=Water Electric Sewer

FTVT=some FT, some VT
NT= no toilets

RS=accepts reservations
NR=no reservations

ND=no dump

NS=no showers

MAX RV LENGTH: (always call ahead if you have a long rig)
32ft=32 feet

DW=drinking water at campground
NW=no drinking water(bring your own)

PA=pets allowed
NP=no pets allowed

L$=free or under $12

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